Ezousa Estuary

Published 2nd of February, 2019

A couple of years ago we stumbled across a sad little memorial at the mouth of the Ezousa River. We thought we would check it out again a few days ago, to see what the area looked like after the rains. The question was, how would we get to it? In the past, the Ezousa was always dry at this point. Now it was in full flow...

From Geroskipou


To get to the mouth of the Ezousa, the easiest route used to be from the municipal beach at Geroskipou; just keep on driving when you got to the end of the road. Ok, a 4x4 was required, but it was easily doable. However, when we tried this approach this time around, we were soon thwarted.

Back To Geroskipou


So we turned round and headed back to the beach. From there we drove up to the old Airport Road (B6) and headed towards Timi. We took the bridge across the Ezousa River and immediately after, we took the turning right.

Road Out!


We have been on this route before, but this time there was a problem here too. Some brave soul had driven to the left of the collapsed road, but we wanted a more stable route.

The River


Towards The Sea


Fortunately, there are several routes to the sea along the river bank. We took a higher one, which helped us get closer. This is probably the ugliest part of Ezousa Valley. Unfortunately, it is used as a dumping ground by people. I can only presume a lot of the rubbish has been washed out to sea.

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