Exploring Paphos In The Rain - Part 1

Published 13th of January, 2022

White Water


Unfortunately, by the time I arrived, the flow of water had subsided somewhat.

Close Up


Mind you, it would be good fun to get down there. Imagine what it must be like to stand under a waterfall like that? Bloody cold though...

Towards Dora


Having visited Prastio Waterfall, I had to decide what to do next. I was tempted to head up to Troodos, to see some of the waterfalls there. But I also wanted to see what was happening at Trozena. From there I could go to Kelefos Bridge. After that, I would still have the option of Troodos, or I could go elsewhere.

Rainy Day


The weather was pretty poor en-route. I did stop a couple of times to take in the scenery.

A couple of years ago I had planned to use the route from Kouklia to Dora as part of our third road trip ebook. Unfortunately, I came across a sign along the way that showed me an off-road route to a monastery I like, so I ended up doing something completely different that day. The route was put on ice in favour of Pomos, which will now be the focus of our next publication. However, after that, I shall definitely be returning...

Between Dora and Trozena


When I stopped to take this shot I could see a farmer in the distance. They were probably trying to work out why on Earth I was standing out in the rain. Good question, my friend. Good question.

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