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Published 21st of March, 2024

Towards The Source


And here is the old village. When the reservoir is full, the water comes right up to the buildings and the village is cut off. Now though, it is just under 55% full. At the same time last year it was just under 72% full. So don't moan when it rains, we need it!

If you were to follow the river upstream to its source, you would go on a very pretty journey involving a Venetian Bridge (Skarfos) and a winding route through Paphos Forest. You would eventually find yourself at the Mouflon enclosure at Stavros tis Psokas. There are easier ways to get there though.

Incidentally, if you look carefully you can see the road appears to cross the centre of the valley behind the waters. It doesn't really though. Trust me.

Evretou Reflections


I have now driven along the rim of the reservoir and am facing the village from across the water. I came here hoping to get some nice reflection shots, and I wasn't disappointed.

Evretou Mosque


The building in the foreground is Evretou Mosque. It is no longer used, but has been preserved by the EU, according to a sign outside. If you look at this shot, you will notice that the lower quarter of the building is paler than the rest. This is how high the water gets when the reservoir is full.

The Mosque From Above


The rest of the shots in this article pretty much speak for themselves. They show the village from various angles, with nice reflections. To find out more about the history of Evretou, read our original article.

Words Of Warning


There is an interesting story to tell about my visit here today though. Well, not today. I took these shots a couple of weeks ago, but have only gotten around to processing them now. But anyway, once I had taken these pictures, I decided to follow the road round the top of the reservoir, which I highlighted a couple of pictures ago. This was a mistake.

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