Evretou Churches

Published 16th of April, 2020

We went for a spring drive around Evretou Reservoir a few weeks ago. We blogged about it at the time, but didn't mention these churches we found along the way. They deserved their own blog, so here it is...

Agios Georgios


We discovered the first church by accident. We wanted to drive to the overlook above Evretou Reservoir for some scenic photos, and we picked a shortcut through the fields. What is particularly impressive about this church are the stone seats in front of it. I saw no sign for the church, but according to the map it is Agios Georgios.

Simple Interior


The inside of the church is fairly modest by comparison. Well, compared to other Cypriot churches, anyway.



Interestingly, there were quite a lot of pews in the church. I can only presume that when they have services here these are used outside, next to the stone seats.

Votive Candles


There weren't any wax effigies in the church, but there were a few votive candles that must have been lit fairly recently.

Location, Location, Location...


I thought it would be a good idea to show you where the churches are. Agios Georgios is easy to get to, and just off the B7. The other church is a lot harder to find.

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