Coral Bay Quick Update - April 2024

Published 14th of April, 2024

We aren't due for another progress report on the Coral Bay Strip until towards the end of the month. Yesterday however I was in the area so I sent the drone up the Strip for a sneaky peak. They have been making great progress since the last drone flight. And remember, lots of the restaurants are currently open and accessible from the rear.

Hard At It


In our last report we met Site Engineers for a guided tour. The day after that they began pouring concrete, so I posted a follow-up drone flight. Since then, they have been very busy.

If you are desperate to see the film we made with the drone, and can't wade through two pages of photos first, then check out our Coral Bay April Update film.

Not-So-Crazy Paving


If you recall, they are doing the renovation work in two stages. The more advanced stage you can see here is towards the main coast road. There are a variety of paving stones in evidence, presumably to distinguish between the road and pedestrian areas.



Somebody appears to have been walking in the concrete before it set!



Seriani is one of the many restaurants that is still open and accessible from the rear. I certainly recommend their Stifado. You can see where a load of paving stones have been piled up in the parking area, ready to be put in place.

Phase 2


While Phase 1 is in the pavement-laying stage, Phase 2 - towards the coast - is still in the concrete stage.

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