The Chloraka Coastline From Above

Published 16th of November, 2022

Path Junction


On the Eastern side you can see where the path splits in two. I would hazard a guess that in the course of building the villas they have temporarily blocked the original route, and are sending people round back. I am paying attention to this because at some point I want to film a walk of the entire route, and don't want to go the wrong way. I like to give myself as little to edit as possible.



In this shot you can see the wreck of the MV Demetrios II. I wrote an article on that recently so won't go on about it again now. I will include a link to the film I did on it at the end of this though.

Checkered Path


I like the checkered pattern they have on the corner. It looks like they are building more new villas here, too.

Mersini beach


Next we arrive at Mersini beach. This is a little piece of paradise.

Well-Kept Secret


I shall have to visit thie beach on foot, as it looks really nice. It hasn't yet made it into our Paphos Beaches Directory, as up until now I didn't know it existed.

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