Chloraka Coast Path - Part 1

Published 30th of January, 2024

Go West


Anyway, it is time to set off, so let's follow the path.



As I said before, it is very well maintained.

Another View From Above


I have added a couple of drone shots to give you a different perspective. The sea was a bit choppy but it wasn't too bad. A bigger issue was the wind. I filmed this walk and there will be a three parter for you to watch coming along soon. You will get a greater idea of the wind if you watch them.

The Beat Goes On


Along the route there are a number of junctions, leading to the local villas and the Louis Paphos Breeze Hotel.



This made me smile, and it highlights one of the perils of buying a villa with a view. First there was the bench by the rock. It gave great views of the coast. But then, somebody built another bench in front of it, and its view was obscured. The owner of the second bench felt a bit smug, until somebody built yet another bench in front of them.

The only way to combat this is to do what the good people of Armou did, so I have been told. Since I first came upon the village just to the North of Paphos, I was puzzled why there was a huge expanse of land directly in front of it, which remained completely undeveloped. Apparently the good people of Armou clubbed together and bought the land, precisely to stop anybody building on it.

Whether this is true or not I have no idea, but it deserves to be!

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