Baracas Sea Front

Published 8th of September, 2022

Bigger Than You Think


Now, it may not be completely obvious from this picture, but this chair is a lot bigger than it should be. Indeed, the plank you see above the steps is where you actually sit. I guess the ladder itself is a bit of a giveaway too. So, you can imagine how many funny pictures are taken on this chair by holiday makers!

EU Money


There is a sign by the big seat, saying that the area was tarted up with money from the EU. Ok, they were a bit more long-winded than that, but that's what they meant.

Anyway, money well spent.

Looks Familiar...


Now this is interesting. This gym got mentioned when we covered the new Gym Installation down at the Municipal Baths. The amount of criticism that got was unbelievable!

Close Look


Most of the complaints were abot the lack of shade, and that the equipment would be too hot to use. Well, I touched the equipment here (which sounds weird now, but, well, I was testing it) and it wasn't at all hot. I don't know what they make it with, or whether it has a special coating, but it wasn't hot in the slightest. Now, I wouldn't want to exercise in this heat anyway, but rest assured, if you do, you won't get burnt.

To The Resort


From the Gym, the coast path leads you through the back gardens of the Leonardo Laura Splash Resort. Incidentally, you can get a day pass to use the facilities (the splash park, which we will have a peak at later) without staying at the resort itself. The number is obscured in this photo, but you should call 26 944900.

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