B7 Closed For Repairs

Published 13th of January, 2020

The B7 has collapsed again, just outside Giolou. It will be closed for a couple of months, and diversions are in place. We thought it would be prudent to show you what you can expect...

This Must Be The Place


As you can see here, there are definite issues with the B7.

Creeping Cracks


We took this picture a few days ago, before the road was closed completely. If you look on the left hand lane you can see more cracks appearing. Last year when they repaired the road, they kept a lane open. You can see why that won't be possible this time around.



There are two main suggested diversions in place. The first diverts you from the B7 up through Polemi and around to Simou. The other turns left off the B7 just past Stroumpi, up through Kathikas on the E711, and down into Polis. There are alternative routes, and I will cover them briefly in this blog. However, the recommended routes are the most suitable, as they don't involve single track lanes or farm tracks.

Take Your Pick


At the Polemi turning on the B7, you are greeted with two diversion signs. Personally, I would prefer the Simou route, as that will give you a nice view of Evretou Reservoir on the way through.

Follow The Road


If you take the Polemi route, you will eventually end up here. If you turn left here and stay on this road, you will end up back on the B7, between Kato Akourdaleia and Miliou. Please note that this is the only diversion sign you will see en route. They don't put them up at regular intervals.

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