B7 Closed For Repairs

Published 13th of January, 2020

Stroumpi Diversion


However, if you are opt to continue through Stroumpi you soon get to this diversion. Note though, that there are some tyre tracts heading to the right of those traffic cones. It is possible to continue driving down here.

If you do turn left here, stay on the road through Kathikas until you join another one signposted for Polis. There are no diversion signs along the way, as they assume you can work it out from the existing street signs.

Pano Akourdaleia Route


If you take the Stroumpi diversion, and want to go to Giolou or anywhere else en-route to Polis, your best bet is to take the Pano Akourdaleia turning on your right as you pass through Kathikas. As the above shot shows, you will have the occasional signpost guiding you on your way. However, some of the roads are single lanes. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, as you are unlikely to meet anybody along the way. But with the closure, this road is likely to get busier. So if you are a nervous driver you would be advised to seek the alternative route, via Simou.

Incidentally, our Second Cyprus Road Trip runs along this route, from the B7 up to Kathikas, so you can be sure of a picturesque journey.

From Polis


Coming from Polis, you are greeted with this diversion at the Simou turning. You can actually continue up the B7 here, so if you want to visit Giolou go right ahead. The collapse isn't until the other side.

Other Routes


So, having seen the official, signposted routes, are there any alternatives? Well yes, there are. However, bear in mind the time of year. A lot of roads and tracks are treacherous at the moment. This is a case in point. We took the Stroumpi diversion, but before we hit Kathikas we turned right into Theletra. The road through the old village eventually plonks you back on the B7, on the Giolou side of the work site. However, there have been numerous mud and rock slides along the route, so you need to drive carefully.

Instant Quagmire


Increased traffic is making this route incredibly muddy as you approach the B7, so we would only advise people in 4x4s to consider this a viable way to go.

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