The Ayia Marina Coast From Above

Published 3rd of January, 2021


This was about as far as I could comfortably fly the drone from my starting location. To the left of this shot is a secluded bay with an old shack in it. I have featured it in previous blogs, so won't dwell on it now.

Heading Back


The next couple of pictures are fairly similar. Taking pictures with a drone is like taking pictures while you are walking up a hill. You get a lot of great pictures all pretty much with the same view.


Still, when the view is this pretty, who cares?

Homeward Bound


On this trip I was experimenting with filters for the drone, to help cope with bright sunshine. I did also take some 360 panoramas similar to the ones I posted in the last blog. However, I learned that filters don't play well with the drone's in-built panorama creator. All the images were of a slightly different light level, so it wound up looking like a patchwork.

Fortunately, it didn't interfere with the regular pictures and film I took. So enjoy the film I made. It's only a couple of minutes long.

The Movie

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