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Published 19th of November, 2022

Faded Glory


Clearly, that isn't going to happen. Some more digging revealed that the renovations had in fact been planned for the winter of 2018. I am guessing that never happened.

From a Cyprus Mail article in 2017:

THE Aloe hotel in Paphos is under new ownership and about to undergo a major revamp and scheduled to open in Spring 2019.

According to new owners, Thanos Hotels and Resorts, the new property is the fourth Cypriot hotel for the group, which will undergo a major refurbishment during winter 2018.

The Thanos Hotel group is a luxury hotel specialist and already owns and manages the Anassa, Almyra, and Annabelle hotels. All four hotels are in Paphos.

Children's Playground


Further digging (ok, scrolling down the first page of Google results on "Aloe Hotel Paphos") reveals an article from In Cyprus in February 2020.

The next two months will determine the future of the Aloe Hotel in Paphos with one scenario being the erection of a 13-storey tower there.

The plan of the owners – Thanos Hotels and Resorts Group – is to have two adjacent buildings, combining a hotel and individual apartments, Phileleftheros reports.

The Group already announced on its website that the tower aims to provide a unique option in the Mediterranean to tap new markets.

Poolside Kiosk


The article had this to say on the Hotel itself:

Thanos Hotels and Resorts took over Aloe Hotel in 2017 through a competition announced by the owners. The hotel complex was acquired by Aether Anthana Ltd through Antasia Hotels Ltd.

Aloe’s operation was profitable after the acquisition and some functional improvements that followed. It has 272 rooms, three restaurants and three swimming pools and is located at a particularly privileged area on the coastal front of Paphos.

Thanos Hotels group also owns Annabel, Almyra, and Anassa hotels.

Urbex Time!


There was no door to this kiosk, so I wandered in.

Nice Cabinet


I wonder what that was used for?

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