Akamas Road Update

Published 25th of February, 2024

They've been improving the road network in the Akamas over the last year or two, and it has not been without its share of controversy. The other day we went down to White Water Beach to see how much progress had been made, and what effect it was having on the local environment...

White River Cliff


We begin our adventure on top of the cliffs overlooking White River Beach. In days gone by there was a van here selling ice creams.

New Work


The road down from the Information sign used to be quite bumpy. It has changed quite dramatically. Some would argue that they gone too far. Indeed, the matter was recently raised in Parliament. This was the latest statement, made in December:

According to an announcement, the improvement of the road network Phase A, which includes the Aspros-Lara, Cyklikos-Lara and Toxeftra-Avakas-Lipati roads, which began in November 2022 with a duration of 14 months had the aim of upgrading the roads “with as little impact as possible” on local habitats and the Natura 2000 area.

This, however proved not to be the reality with photos showing the extent of disruption to the area.

The review, it added, was proposed after taking into account “the long and unjustified delay in the implementation of the projects with the risk of increasing and expanding the environmental burden”.

It said there was a need to complete the road network within the existing open construction site as soon as possible to reverse the effects created by the “untimely completion of the works as well as the wider feelings of society to protect the Akamas”.

White River Valley


So the prime objection is to the nature of the works, as opposed to the works themselves. IE the authorities are happy with the notion of the road upgrade, but are objecting to its implementation.

White River Beach


I decided to fly the drone over some of the course of the route, to see how it looks. First though, I had to fly past White River Beach itself.

View From The Sea


White River Beach has been a favourite of ours for years. It is remote, so don't expect any creature comforts. They have even removed the toilet. In fairness, this wasn't difficult, as it consisted of a shed above a huge crack in the ground. But if you like snorkelling, there are few places better in Paphos.

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