The Amazing Agios Raphael

Published 10th of October, 2020

To The Altar


Lets start at the front, and work round in a clockwise direction. Over the next few pages you will see pictures of a number of murals. I don't know what most of them represent, but if you do, please let me know via a comment. If you do that I can edit this blog, and give a better description of the artwork on display. Even if you only know what one picture represents, it will all help.



I would love to see what this looks like during a night-time service. It must be deeply spiritual.

Look Up


If you look to the ceiling, you can see a large picture of Jesus Christ himself.

Down The Aisle


I made a point of arriving fairly early to take these pictures. This was a case of third time lucky. The first time I was here, I only had my regular camera, and it was midday. The second time, there was a festival on, and we didn't even get to the car park.

John The Baptist?


I am guessing the lower picture is John The Baptist. I have no idea about the upper image though.

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