Agios Georgios From Above

Published 22nd of November, 2022

The Archaeological Park


On the opposite side of the main church (presumably Agios Georgios), there is another car park with some public toilets. Next to them there is an entrance gate to the Archaeological Park. We shall save a proper tour of that for a future date, but from the next few shots you can see that there is a fair bit to see there.


The chap who runs it is highly knowledgable, too.

One Final Shot


So if you fancy some ruins, want some information to let you know what you are looking at, but want to escape the crowds, give this Archaeological Park a go.

Towards Peyia


Beyond the park, you will find one of the three Private English-speaking schools in the Paphos District. This is the TLC. Well, it is the Primary part of it. If you drove here from Paphos you will have passed the Secondary part of it just before getting to Paphos Zoo. In the interest of fairness, we should mention the other two. Aspire is on the Coast Road at the start of the dual carriageway. International School of Paphos (ISOP) is above Paphos Hospital. If you are sending a child to School in Paphos, and want the English option, those are the three schools you should be approaching. We eventually chose ISOP for our child, and can certainly recommend them.

Distant Akamas


Across the road from the Archaeological Park, and beyond the ever-encroaching villas, you get to the glory that is the Akamas. At some point in the future, you may only be allowed to visit here by Public Transport. There are numerous plans floating about, but they all seemed to include an improved road network. However, they also seemed to stipulate that private cars would not be allowed. If this is the case I think it will be a terrible idea, so I hope I am wrong.

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