White River Beach

Published 15th of October, 2020

If you are looking for a less crowded beach, then take a trip to the Akamas. You won't have to go far, as you will pass White River Beach before you get to the Avakas Gorge, and it can be reached by any car. What the beach lacks in facilities (there are none) it more than makes up for in natural charm...

View From The Top


A couple of years ago, you used to be able to park right by this beach. There was also a make-shift loo consisting of a shed over a hole in the ground. If you sat on one of the sunbeds dotted around, then a short while later a man would appear on a moped to take your €2.50. Now all that has gone. There were reports of people being locked in, and other sorts of shenanigans, and the sunbeds have since been removed. The car park is closed off, so the only way to get to the beach is from the ridge to the right of it.

Akamas View


We have parked on the aforementioned ridge, and are having a look round. Here you can see the Avakas Gorge Bay.

Cliff Hanger


These rocks are quite popular with fishermen. If you want to get down to the beach though, don't follow them to the waterside. You cannot reach the beach that way unless you are a goat.

Descend Here


There is actually a track that leads down to the beach by the "car park". Somebody had made a tiny little garden for one of the wild flowers here, which was rather sweet. This beach actually has a bit of a reputation for its stone sculptures, as you shall see.

Standing Stones


These are assembled every year. And every year, the winter storms wash them over again. Some years they are more exotic than others, but they always attract admirers. Indeed, I once made a pattern in the sand here, from pebbles, sea weed and assorted bits of flotsam, and before I knew it people were taking photos of it. So if you are feeling creative, come along and make something!

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