Kafizis Beach

Published 6th of September, 2023

A few years ago we photographed Kafizis Beach, at Cap St George, for our Beaches Directory. Well, time and developers march on, and the area has changed quite a bit since then. So we went down to take another look...

No Vehicular Access


Cap St George is a huge new resort that has been built in the Sea Caves area of Cyprus. In order to appreciate how large it now is, you should watch one of the films we have posted on our Youtube channel. When we first visited the area the hotel and most of the villas hadn't been built. The developers have certainly been busy.

The first thing we noticed on arrival is that the road down to the beach area has now been pedestrianised. So we parked in front of it and set off on foot.

Don't Park Here


If you visit, do not ignore these no parking signs. Those bollards are retractable, and the building further down is the Lifeguard Station. So presumably in the event of an emergency at the beach, an ambulance will need to be able to drive down here.

Romantic Viewpoint


I have to give the people of Cap St George credit here, they have made the pedestrianised road lovely to look at.

Oh one other thing I should mention, on our visit the weather was quite cloudy which is highly unusual for August. Normally the area looks a lot brighter than this. Still, the clouds make for more interesting photographs.

Eating Area


At the end of the walkway you will find this seating area. From this angle it looks a bit out of place...

Beach Restaurant


...however, if you look to your right you will see the rest of the taverna. There is also a coast path to the left, which we shall explore before going down to the beach on the right.

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