Gialia Beach

Published 1st of October, 2021

Gialia Beach is close to the village of Gialia, which lies on the North Coast of Paphos, between Polis and Pomos. It is quiet, though does have some facilities, including a resident Life Guard. We recently had a look around...

Meet The Beach


To get to the beach, take the coast road from Polis and head east. Just before you reach the village of Gialia, look out for this sign on your left. The turn is quite sharp so take care.



We visited the beach towards the end of September, in the middle of the week. Consequently, it was deserted. I would imagine that during peak season this can get quite crowded though.

Mod Cons


The sign we saw in the first picture mentioned toilets, changing facilities, sunbeds, turtle nesting area, a lifeguard and a shower. Here you can see the toilets. Though primitive they were very clean. And when I say primitive, I mean they were portaloos. I don't mean they were just a hole in the ground.

Changing Area


If you are shy you can get changed here. Myself I prefer hopping from foot to foot with a towel around my waist as I try to pant-up.

The Beach


And here's the beach itself. Ok, so it won't be used as a venue in the Pan-Cypriot Sandcastle Competition, but it is nice and clean. The sunbeds have been put to the rear of the beach, as you shall see.

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