Banner Advertising on Paphos Life


Meet The Banner


The banner advert appears on the top and bottom of each forum page, and on all the pages of the main site.

Currently, a maximum of 25 slots are available for advertising. The ad rotates each time it is viewed.

Page views vary significantly depending on time of year and weather etc. However, since Paphos Life started 6 months ago, we have been regularly attracting over 12,000 page views per day. Initially this was mainly on the forum, but as the other parts of the site have been rolled out they have also proved popular.

On each page view, 2 banner ads are displayed. On the forum, they appear at the top and bottom of the page, and are rarely if ever visible at the same time. However, because of the nature of the forum, they both get viewed. When a topic is loaded, the top banner is displayed. When the most recent posts are read, the bottom banner will be showing.

On the directory, again, two banner ads are shown, but one of them is in a portrait orientation, to fit in the side panel. When you buy an ad slot, we will create both the portrait and landscape versions for you. They can have different graphics if you want. However, on clicking, they will both point to the same link.

What this means is that a banner ad with a single slot, should be seen at least 25,000 times in a month.

What’s more, the banner ad is noticeable too. It changes each time the page loads, and on the forum, it is surrounded by useful site links. So people will look at it.

In addition to the banner ad, you also get an enhanced directory listing. This can include features such as a slideshow gallery, a sample of which appears below.


Sample Slidehow


We don't expect you to program your own slideshow. All you do is supply us with the images and text, and we will do the rest. The same is true for every other aspect of your advert.

Incidentally, if you are thinking of including a slideshow full of text, like our example, we don't recommend it. Text in graphics isn't readable by search engines and screen readers. We only did this because it is an example, and because the data is repeated below anyway.

Ad Platinum Banner 01Ad Platinum Banner 02Ad Platinum Banner 03Ad Platinum Banner 04Ad Platinum Banner 05

The Packages

If you viewed the above slideshow you will know that two packages are available. These are explained below. If you click the "Order Now" button, you will not be asked for any payment. You will simply be presented with a form which you can fill in, and we will get straight back to you.

Once you have decided on a package, and are happy with it, we will then take payment. We normally take payment via a secure online payment gateway, though other methods are available on request. Please note that we are VAT registered, and the quoted prices are ex VAT.

GoldOne Ad Slot

  • Single ad slot in forum banner
  • Expect at least 25,000 banner views per month
  • Enhanced directory entry, including gallery etc
  • Enhanced map icon
  • link your banner ad to directory entry or an external website
  • SEO promotion of your business
  • Easy social media integration

PlatinumTwo Ad Slots

  • Two ad slots in forum banner
  • Each slot can contain a different graphic & link
  • Expect at least 50,000 banner views per month
  • Platinum banners can be assigned to a category. In that category, only assigned banner ads will be shown.
  • Fully customised AD FREE directory entry, including gallery etc
  • Appear before gold and standard entries
  • Enhanced map icon
  • Link your banner ads to directory entry or an external website
  • SEO promotion of your business
  • Easy social media integration

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When you are out exploring the countryside of Paphos, it is always handy to have a few prominent landmarks to help guide you home. One of the most prominent is the Oreites Wind Farm. We visited it a few days ago, as we want to show you what it looks like close up. We will also show you some shots we took several years ago, when they were still constructing it...

Paphos Christmas Lights Switch On

Cyprus is sensible. It only puts up the Christmas Decorations a few weeks before Christmas, rather than in October. This way, you don't get heartily sick of them by the time Christmas Day arrives. Last night, the Mayor switched on the Old Town lights, and we were there to join in the spectacle...

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Christmas ‘Gift of Love’ urgent appeal for 20 more bags

Organisers of the Gift of Love, an appeal that ensures that hundreds of children of needy families in Paphos will receive a gift bag of presents this Christmas, are just short of their target and are hoping members of the public will come forward to help.

Cyprus dancers in Greece’s Got Talent final

Seventeen young dancers from Paphos will compete against 11 other acts in the final of Greece’s Got Talent on Sunday, and they are appealing to the public to get behind them and cast a vote.

All of the dancers are students at the Thompson School of Dance and Performing Arts in Kissonerga, Paphos and they range in age from seven to 15.

Police investigate rape claim in Paphos

Paphos police are investigating a rape allegation which was reported on Thursday.

A 32-year-old woman told police she was out walking on December 10 when a vehicle with two men inside approached her.

They allegedly told her to get into the car and when she refused forced her to get inside.

Cloudy start with showers, improvement in the afternoon

Friday will start off cloudy at intervals with scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms and the possibility of snow or sleet in the higher Troodos peaks.

A gradual improvement is expected in the afternoon. Temperatures will be 19 C inland and on the coasts and 10 C in the mountains.