Abandoned Villages - Agios Theodoros

Published 2nd of June, 2022

The stretch of land between Pachyammos and Kato Pyrgos, on the Northern Coast of the Paphos and Nicosia Districts, has had a troubled past. In the Sixties, inter-communal fighting resulted in a number of abandoned villages. You can pass through most of these if you drive along the coast road. But to find Agios Theodoros, you have to know where to look....

Nature Trail


If you are visiting Kato Pyrgos, you will more than likely be approaching it from the direction of Pomos and Pachyammos. For a while, the route enters Paphos Forest, before returning to the coast via the village of Mosfili. Along the way you will pass by numerous small military bases. All sides are represented; Cypriot, Turkish and UN. Don't be alarmed by their presence though. Just make sure you pay attention to the "No Photographs" signs.

Once you have passed Mosfili, you will see this sign on the right. It is worth parking and having a look at it. If you are feeling adventurous you can even walk along it. The photographs reveal that it leads to an abandoned village. However, there is an easier way of getting there...

Into The Valley


From the sign, you can look down to the valley. We need to find a route along that, but we have to be careful. If you look on the left you can see various shelters. They are in fact a Military Firing Range.

Turn Here


If you drive down the road from the trail sign, you will pass a couple of right turns that take you to the range. Ignore them, and turn right here instead.

Tyre Targets


The road runs between the shooting area and the targets. I've never seen them firing here, but presumably, if they are, they close the road.

Traditional Targets


Next to all those tyres is a more traditional range. I say more traditional, because I grew up in Ash Vale. This is near Aldershot, the home of the British Army. There were loads of firing ranges on my doorstep, so I have strong opinions on what constitutes a proper firing range.

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