Tremithousa Water Feature

Published 5th of October, 2021

A few weeks ago we wrote an article about Tremithousa Gorge, and the surrounding area. Somebody commented that we missed a nice water feature which was down a path, so the other day we returned to check it out...

Start Here


This is a nice, pretty path. It is next to the parking place we parked in when we last visited. Apparently, the water feature lies down here, so let's go take a look. And if you missed the previous blog, there is a link at the foot of this page.

This Way


Like the rest of the gorge area, the path here is very well maintained.

Meeting Point


And here we are. This is almost like an ampitheatre, on this side at least. We are standing on a series of big steps, which could easily double as seats. To our right are a series of much smaller steps, which you are supposed to walk down.

Water Feature


And there you have it. It is a nice water feature. But what lies beyond it? I mean, where does the path lead to. Let's find out.

Fork In The Road


Let's carry on down, or rather, up, the path, as it is ascending again. We soon come to a fork in the track. The right-hand will no doubt lead us back into Tremithousa, so let's go left first.

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