Thalassa Hotel Renovations

Published 26th of April, 2024

After being left idle for several years, the hotel that lies between Coral Bay Beach and Corallia Beach has been renovated and is now open for business once again. Don't take our word for it though, see for yourself...

New Beginnings


In 2019 the Thalassa Hotel closed for renovations, and never re-opened, until now. In 2022 we reported on its condition in this article. If you read that you will see that it was in a bit of a state, externally at least.

Close Up


There were a lot of rumours at the time circulating about the Hotel. The biggest one (and also the biggest whopper) was that it was going to be converted to house migrants and asylum seekers. The same rumour has also been applied to Crown Resorts Horizon and the Aloe Hotel on the Hotel Strip. The former is now being renovated and will soon relaunch as the Cali Resort. The latter will eventually be knocked down and built on.


I was here a couple of weeks ago flying my drone, and mentioned that it was being renovated. By the time I had published the film, somebody informed me that the work was complete and it had re-opened. So I returned to have another look.


Sure enough, the place now looked spic and span, and the car park which I usually shared with the odd fir cone or two was virtually full.

Commanding Views


Now that the hotel is up and running again, I have to say it is in a cracking location.

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