Thalassa Hotel

Published 19th of December, 2022

Thalassa Hotel in Coral Bay closed around December 2019 for a refurbishment. It hasn't opened since, though there have been numerous rumours about its fate. The other week I was in the area so decided to give it a closer look. Let me take you on a tour...

Main Entrance


This hotel has featured in a number of our recent articles. We saw it in our look at Coral Bay, and it also popped up in our tour of the Archaeological Site which is next to it. Indeed it was after I went there that I decided to have a look around here.

Definitely Closed


The last actual reviews I could find were from late 2019. By all accounts it was a lovely place to stay, but they closed for renovations.


They never re-opened, but nobody seems to know why. Was it something to do with COVID?



Normally when I have been near the hotel there has been a security guard present, to prevent people from doing any damage. Today however, the hotel seemed to be the starting location for a Cyprus Cross Country Run. You may remember, it was in four parts, and the first part went from here up towards Sea Caves and Agios Georgios. So I was able to have a look around the grounds.

To The Pool


So lets go and see what's around back.

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