Polis Christmas Village

Published 29th of November, 2022

A number of locations around Cyprus have been designated "Christmas Villages" this winter, and are being heavily promoted as seasonal tourist destinations. One such place is Polis, so the other evening we went down to have a look at what festivities were underway...

Centre Stage


The festivities started on Saturday 26th November. We popped down for a visit on Sunday evening, just as the sun was setting. First we had a drive around Polis, to see what we could see. However, it was not that apparent that anything was occurring. This is because the main section of the Christmas Village has been pedestrianised. Rest assured, there is plenty to see once you have parked your car. Rather than start the article with a picture of a car park though, I thought I would show you the main stage instead.

Start Here


To enter the village, you should first head for one of the new murals. There is a Christmas Tree by it so you can't miss it.

This Way To Park


Before you do that, find a place to park. I went down here on the right, though there are plenty of other places to use.

Village Map


A handy map by the mural and tree explain the layout of the village to you, if you can read Greek. Don't worry if you can't though. It is fairly self-explanatory.

Santa's Sleigh


It was quite difficult to photograph this sleigh as lots of people had the same idea. I wanted to avoid photographing random families if I could, so I waited until the hubbub had died down.

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