Latsi Fish Festival Is Coming

Published 27th of April, 2022

Latsi Fish Festival is on its way! The fun happens on April 30th from 11AM to 8PM. As part of the event, several new murals have been commissioned, so we couldn't resist taking a sneaky peak. Find out what is in store should you decide to pay the Festival a visit...

This Saturday!


We were first alerted to the arrival of the Fish Festival by the appearance of a picture of a new mural in Polis. It was posted on our Paphos Chat group. Comments revealed it was one of several springing up in Polis, and that they were associated with the forthcoming Fish Festival.

Fish Theme


Naturally we hot-footed it to Latsi, to see if we could get a preview of the murals as they were being painted. We filmed out trip and there is a link to it below.

What Happens On Saturday?


So, what is the Fish Festival? Here is the official blurb, translated by Google:

7th Fish Festival

April 30 - Port in Latsi

From our seabed, on your plate!

Event description

The 7th Fish Festival, which is an institution for the Municipality of Polis Chrysochous, will take place on Saturday, April 30 in the port of Latsi from 11 am to 8 pm and is under the auspices of the Honorable Minister of Transport, Communications and Works, who will attend and greet the event.

Free fresh fish and drinks will be offered to guests free of charge during the Festival.

The Festival will start with a live link from Zenith Fm and then will follow a rich artistic program with the participation of popular singers Petros Imvriou, Giannis Sofillas and Georgias Rappou. As part of the Festival, traditional, island and Pontian dances by local dance groups will be presented.

The mural project will take place during the Festival, where graffiti will be created in various places in Polis Chrysochous with the participation of artists from Cyprus and abroad. The mural project will start on April 25 and will end on the day of the Festival with the awarding of the participating artists.

Also, the actions of the Festival include the announcement of the Student Painting Competition for the schools of the region of Polis Chrysochous, with the theme "Traveling to the bottom of Chrysochous Bay". During the Festival, the children's paintings will be exhibited, while at the same time the best painting from each school that participated in the competition will be awarded.

During the Festival there will be booths of exhibitors with traditional products and a display of traditional arts. At the same time, there will be a demonstration by fishermen for the art of fishing, while Officers of the Department of Fisheries will inform the public about various fishing issues.

In addition, there will be various activities for the creative employment of children, such as boating for children in the harbor, inflatables and creating graffiti with spray on surfaces in the Festival area, with the help of artists. Also, in the area of ​​the event there will be mascots with a theme related to the Festival, with which the children will have the opportunity to be photographed in a special photo booth.

Come On Down!


There was also a poster. It was all in Greek but I have used Google to translate some of it:

11AM - 1PM

Live link with Zenith FM

1PM - 1:30PM

Greeting from the Mayor and the Minister Mural Project artists and children award who participated in the Painting Competition

1:30PM - 2PM

Presentation by Dance groups

• Cultural Folklore Club of Giolou

"In the footsteps of tradition"

• Dance School "Drakou Ltd"

• "Cross-shaped" Cultural Association of Pomos

2PM - 6PM

Musical program with the singers

Petros Imbrios, Giannis Sofillas and Georgia Rappou

6PM - 8PM


And There's More...



From 12PM

Serving Food and Drink

From 11AM

Activities for children (Inflatables, Mascots, Boating 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. and Graffiti)

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