Filiotis Fish Tavern Review

Published 9th of October, 2022

Filiotis Fish Tavern can be found just off the approach road to Paphos Airport. It is a regular haunt for one of our forum regulars, and the other day we decided to try it out ourselves. Come and see what they have to offer.

The Main Building


Getting to the tavern is simple. Head out to the airport, and when you get to the funny army base on the approach road, take the next left turn. There is a big sign up so you can't miss it. When you arrive you will find there is ample parking, though it is normally busier than this. We arrived just after midday and the place had only just opened, so we were the first customers. At other times the place can get very busy though. Filiotis is very popular with the local Cypriot population (always a good sign for a restaurant) and if you fancy something to eat on a Bank Holiday (for instance) you may as well forget it, as they will be booked solid. If you want to make a reservation, here's the number: 26 991555

Summer Dining Area


During the summer this area is used as the dining area. It provides nice views of the coast and there is a lovely cooling breeze to take the heat out of the summer sun.

Sea View


There was a fair amount of seaweed on the beach, though we did see a solitary swimmer at one point. Fortunately it is odourless though, so you won't have to smell lots of pongy seaweed as you eat.

Nice Location


As a said previously, a member of the forum regularly eats here. They always sit in that corner, so we decided to keep up the tradition.

The Menu


Filiotis is a Fish Tavern. It isn't a place to come to if you are looking for battered Cod and Chips. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against a decent fish supper from the local chippy, but you won't get that here.

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