Episkopi Heights

Published 23rd of February, 2022

The other day we were photographing blossom, and ended up in Episkopi. A chance road diversion led us to a lovely viewpoint above the village, where we spent a few minutes enjoying the scenery and admiring an old workhorse that was resting nearby...

Church View


Episkopi is a maze of twisting roads, which harken back to a time when the donkey was the most common form of transport. Perched on the side of the Ezousa Valley, it is justifiably famous for a large rock formation that dominates the landscape. This church is perched next to it, and we normally view it from below. Today though, following a diversion, we find ourselves next to it.

Episkopi Retirement Home


There is a viewpoint here, and it also has a rather special guest. Nestled in its own little home, is an old bus.

Canine Greeter


Naturally we stopped to look at the bus and enjoy the view. While we were doing this, we were joined by this pooch. They were perfectly friendly and had the air of somebody who would happily eat a sandwich or a crisp or two if one was offered. Unfortunately for them, we had neither.

TLC Needed


The bus has obviously seen better days, but is still a magnificent beast.

Rear View


When we first visited Cyprus, about 12 years ago, you would still see the occasional one of these in service. Now though, they tend to be used for ceremonial purposes. We wrote an article about some near the Transport Department in Paphos a few years back.

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