Droushia Rural Life Museum

Published 13th of November, 2023

The villages of the Akamas are undergoing a bit of a renaissance at the moment. In an effort to tempt tourists away from their sunbeds new attractions are being introduced, aimed at promoting the surrounding countryside and showing it to its full potential. We already showed you the Geology Centre in Pano Arodes, and the Turtle Museum in Ineia. Today I want to show you the Rural Life Museum in Droushia. If you liked the other places, you will love this.

The Location


To get to the museum, we approached Droushia from the direction of Ineia. Once you pass the sign welcoming you to Droushia you will find the building on your left, on a side road. You can park in the area opposite the entrance. The Museum is in the same building as Municipal Headquarters.

This Way


Once you have entered the building and taken a sweetie from the bowl, walk through the main reception area and keep going straight. It would be prudent to mention opening times. The following came from their Facebook page:

Droushia museum offers free guided tours in Greek and English and live representation of rural life traditions every Saturday for the months of October, November and December!

Time of Guiding: 09.30-13.00

Opening hours: MON-FRI 08.00-14.00, SAT 09.00-13.00


For more info please contact:

Droushia tel: + 357 26332056, ksdrousias@cytanet.com.cy



So if you turn up on a Saturday you can get a guided tour. Unfortunately I was there on a Friday, and had the entire place to myself.



One thing I immediately found useful was this sign. It contains information about Droushia, and there were similar signs for the other villages in the Akamas. I will find them particularly useful when it comes to adding commentary to my various driving films. So I won't reproduce all the information here.

Surrounding Countryside


There was another sign highlighting some of the points of interest in the area. This is worth paying attention to if you fancy a bit of exploring.

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