Crown Resorts Horizon Renovation - January 2024

Published 9th of January, 2024

We recently reported that they were renovating the old Crown Resorts Horizon hotel in Coral Bay. It was going to be complete stripped and refurbished, and reopen as Cali Resort and Spa. Well, as we were reporting on Coral Bay Strip yesterday, we thought it prudent to take a look at the hotel work as well...

Yesterday's View


As you can see from our first picture, work is most definitely underway. We filmed this on Sunday, so you won't see hoards of builders hard at work.


The Building Site is a no-go area, so I can't go for a wander through the grounds. Instead I shall rely on shots taken from the road and overhead shots from the drone.

Main Entrance


Walking around from Coral Bay Strip I could see the main entrance was fenced off. There was a gap I could have squeezed through but there's no room for plausible deniability, so I was on my best behaviour.

Main Entrance From Above


My drone however has no need to worry about fences. It was able to get a much clearer view of the front of the hotel.

Fresh Rubble


I noticed that on the opposite side of the road there were lots of piles of rubble. Presumably they have been dumped there temporarily by the work crew. Incidentally, this picture is somewhat idealised. The original shot was in extremely poor light, so I ran it through a couple of filters. The result looks nicer, but isn't very realistic. I have included it though, as I like it.

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