Armou Viewpoint

Published 26th of April, 2022

The village of Armou lies just above Paphos City, on the road to Marathounta and Episkopi. It is located on the side of a hill, so you get some nice views of Paphos. This feature has been exploited with the erection of a nice new viewing platform, similar to the one we reported on near Pomos Reservoir. The other day we went and had a look...

Distant Viewpoint


To get to Armou, take the North turn on the Motorway Roundabout. You want the E710 that passes through Konia, Marathounta, Armou and Episkopi. Technically you can get to Nata this way too, though you would be better off taking the motorway and turning left at the Agia Varvara Junction.

This is the view you get as you approach the turnings for Marathounta and Armou. If you look you can see something interesting on the horizon: a mysterious square!

The Route


The square object is actually a viewing platform that has recently been erected. It looks similar to one we saw a few weeks ago in Pomos. To get to it, you need to continue up the road and ignore the first Armou turning you come to.

Side View


Don't worry, you will be taking the next turning, and can still see the box from the road.

Turn Left Here


You want to turn left here. It is a quiet, narrow road, but there is ample parking further up when you arrive at the platform.

Getting There


You will soon have it in your sights.

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