Amiantos Mine

Published 6th of July, 2023

Amiantos Mine can be found in the Troodos Mountains. It used to be the largest asbestos mine in Europe, but now it is gathering rust. For obvious reasons you cannot explore the mine itself, but there is a nearby visitor centre and nature reserve. Also, nestled in the hills you will find the old workers' quarters and the hospital that looked after them. Let's take a look.

Distant Mine


The easiest way to get to Amiantos Mine is by taking the B9 from Limassol. When you eventually get to a village called Saittas, turn right on the E801. Finally, when you get to the B9 again, turn left. Before you get to the Visitor Centre, you will pass some buildings on your right. I stopped there to launch the drone. Immediately I could see the mine in the distance.



The drone gave a great view of the buildings associated with the mine. While we are looking at it, let's have a bit of a history lesson.

Side View


Amiantos is a village in the Troodos Mountains, and is known for its asbestos mine. In fact, the word Amianto means asbestos in Greek.


In 1934 Cypriot Amiantos Mines Ltd were given mining rights and began the process to extract the asbestos during 1950.


The mine was operational until 1988. The surrounding countryside was greatly affected and the Government had to step in to restore it to its former glory.

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