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Find Out How We Can Help

Virtual Tours help promote your business. They can easily be integrated into your website, shared on social media, and even added to Google Maps. But traditionally, they have been seen as an expensive luxury. This is no longer the case Our tours start at €150, and there are options to suit all budgets.

We are also registered Google Street View trusted photographers. So as well as receiving a standalone tour, it can be integrated into Google Street View. We have already mapped over 300 miles of Cyprus roads. For more information on Street View, see the foot of the page.

If you are thinking of having a tour, the first thing you want to do is work out how many locations you want featured. If you own a shop, this may only be three images. You could show the exterior, near the entrance, and from the middle of the shop. However, if you want a tour of a rental property, it should include at the very least, all the bedrooms and the living areas. You may also want to include corridors, outdoor areas, and bathrooms.

Then you need to what decide sort of tour you want. The standard tour is great for basic tours, and may well be all that you need. If you really want your tour to stand out, the deluxe tour can incorporate floor plans, photo galleries and a wide variety of custom information screens.

Finally, decide your budget. You can then see how many images you can afford for both standard and deluxe tour types.

And think outside the box! Tours can be full multimedia experiences, and incorporate regular photographs as well as videos. The possibilities are endless.


Honest, affordable prices.

The following tours highlight your two options. First, the number of images. This is entirely up to you, though there is a minimum of three. Our examples have either 6, 11 or 26 locations, but yours can have whatever makes the most sense.

All our images are taken with a deluxe 360 camera. You can see the difference here.

Finally, there is the tour host. Standard hosting is free, but not very customisable. Deluxe hosting offers a more professional finished product which can be customised to suit your business.

The best way for you to get a feel of the options is to see some examples. So have a look at the following tours, and then we will break down the costs.

Click on the thumbnails to open the demos in a separate window.

  St Nicholas Church Standard Tour

Three Images in a Standard Tour

Integration into Google Street View is included with all tours.

  Pumpkin House Standard Tour

Six Images in a Standard Tour

If you are on a tight budget, you can still get a decent-sized tour for under €200. Prices start at €150 for three images and it is €15 for each extra image.

  St Nicholas Church Deluxe Tour

Three Images in a Deluxe Tour

Deluxe tours really show off the camera to its full potential. Desktop and mobile versions are inculded in the price.

  Smaller Standard Tour of Roost

Eleven Images in a Standard Tour

We can add information panels to a standard tour. For instance, There could be a dialog in each bedroom saying how many people it sleeps and whether it has an ensuite bath or shower.

  Pumpkin House Deluxe Tour

Six Images in a Deluxe Tour

The deluxe tours can be customised to suit. Galleries, videos, even e-learning tools, can all be integrated.

  Small Deluxe Tour of Roost

Eleven Images in a Deluxe Tour

Deluxe tours are a lot more customisable, and have plenty of enhanced features like a decent floorplan, integrated videos and photo galleries. You could pretty much incorporate an entire website into an online tour, though that level of customisation would cost extra.

  Roost interior

Twenty-Six Images in a Standard Tour

For bigger tours we recommend a floorplan. We can make an illustrative one for you (ie not a legal document), and they can incorporated into a standard tour, but to really appreciate them you will want to look at our Deluxe tours.

  Roost interior

Twenty-Six Images in a Deluxe Tour

Here you can see the fully interactive floorplan at work. You can even use it to navigate around the tour by clicking on the hotspots and rotating the view.


All Tours Can Be Customised

Standard Tour 3 Panorama Package€150
You get a standard tour which can be easily integrated into your site. Alternatively you can share it "as is" onto social media.
Deluxe Tour 3 Panorama Package€250
You get a deluxe tour with all the benefits. This can also be easily integrated into your site or shared. There would normally be a small charge to host the deluxe tours, but at the moment we have plenty of server space so we are waiving this cost until the situation changes. The deluxe tour can include a gallery and floorplan. It can also be customised further to include just about anything. There may be an extra charge if you require a lot of customisation, but this will be agreed beforehand.
Extra Panorama (each)€15
If you want more than 3 shots of your tour, we can take and process as many as you want.
Regular Photograph (each)€10
You may also want to incorporate regular photography into your tour. If you have the images already, we can use them. If not, we can provide them for you.
Nadir Branding€20
When you take a panoramic shot, there is normally a bit at the bottom where the camera goes (called the Nadir). By default we hide this with our logo. If you would rather we used your logo, we will adapt it and use it. This is a one-off charge. No matter how many images you want, you will only be charged once for the custom logo.
Floor Plan€50
Larger tours will definitely benefit from a Floor Plan. We can create an illustrative one for you, and incorporate it into the tour. Both standard and deluxe tours support floor plans. If your tour involves multiple floor plans there may be an additional cost.


Get In Touch

There are numerous ways for you to contact us, Either give us a call, send us an email, or fill in the online form. We will get back to you as soon as we can. We are based in Polemi, though can travel anywhere in Cyprus.


Everything You Need To Know

We are registered Trusted Street View Professionals. We could just upload tours straight to Google. It doesn't cost us anything, and google does all the storage. However, not so long ago, Google changed the way Street View uploads work. Images are no longer verified by a human. Instead, Artificial Intelligence is used, and it doesn't do a very good job. Tours will appear with missing images and the various rooms won't link as planned. Also, Google will allow you to walk through walls. All in all, it is not something we would charge anybody for. Not only that, but since COVID came along, the few resources that Google had working on GSV have been diverted elsewhere. So you should never rely just on Google storage for your tour.

This is why both our Standard and Deluxe tours are hosted on dedicated, paid-for servers. We want our tours to look fantastic. Just consider image uploads to GSV as a free bonus. If your business is not yet set up on Google, we will be happy to do that for you, for a small fee. The process takes several weeks, but at the end of it you have a lot more control over how Google presents your company.

With regards to Street View itself, we have already uploaded over 300 miles of Cyprus roads to GSV. We can add your road, but, as with the tours, results at the moment are very unpredictable. And we have also uploaded many points of interest as a public service. We shall leave you with a link to one of these, our virtual tour of the Archaeological Park, as seen by Google Street View. There were over 3000 manually taken photographs in this tour. If we can do that, we can certainly cope with your business.

The Archaeological Park on Google

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