The Pomos Coast

Published 24th of January, 2020

Pomos is quite a trip from Paphos, but it is most definitely worth it. We were up that way to visit some abandoned villages and overflowing reservoirs this week, but stopped to take in the coast along the way. The countryside up there is breathtaking, and well worth a visit. Here's a short selection of what to expect.

Distant Pomos


We don't travel up the coast road to Pomos as much as we should. There are some beautiful places to explore up there, and it is very peaceful. Beyond Pomos though, as you head to the Turkish-occupied area, it gets a bit poingnant. Photography is prohibited in places, and you drive through both ROC, UN and Turkish military areas. One thing that mains constant, however, is the beauty of the countryside.

Beyond Pomos


Today's blog actually takes us beyond Pomos, and a bit closer to the divide. You can just see a lonely Greek flag blowing in the breeze on the left of the picture. Above that flag, you can barely make out a Turkish mountain range. It was snow-capped, but unfortunately not very visible on our visit, so I won't be showing any pictures.

Akrotiri Stylianas


This is the focus of our blog today: Akrotiri (Cape) Stylianas. The picture is taken from the cape, looking back across the bay. In the distance you can see some abandoned houses which look enticing.

Mansoura Ruins


Unfortunately, the ruins are behind a military base, so there was no way of accessing them. Mansoura doesn't have much of an entry in Wikipedia either. All it says is that it is an abandoned village in UN Buffer Zone near Kokkina.



We were here to check out the beach. And somebody had been there before us. A welcoming hand had been carved into the sand.

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