Illegally-erected shacks in Akamas Peninsula have been demolished

The Ministry of Agriculture has demolished illegally-erected shacks in the Akamas Peninsula which is an environmentally sensitive area of particular ecological value, Philenews reported on Tuesday.

Specifically, the demolition and removal of illegal shacks were in the “White River” area at the southern entrance of the National Forest Park.

And it is now getting ready to remove unauthorized establishments and illegalities in the southern bay of Lara, including a restaurant and a beach bar, it added.

The demolition of illegal shacks too place in the presence of Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis, himself.

He visited the Akamas Peninsula on Monday and inspected the progress of road improvement works within the Akamas National Forest Park (NFP).

Both the demolition and removal of the shacks, which were operating illegally in the area for many years, as well as the improvement of the road network are expected to contribute significantly to the further protection of the natural environment of the peninsula.


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