Cyprus ready to face the challenge of waste management

The Government is in a position to proceed with an integrated municipal waste management system through the Municipal Waste Management Plan 2022-2028. This is an effort to promote the implementation of separation of waste at the source and separate collection, to promote waste reduction measures across all economic sectors, to raise the awareness of local government to implement ‘Pay As I Spend’ schemes, and to promote awareness and sensitization measures.

The Environmental Authority approved the Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment Study for Municipal Waste Management Plan 2022-2028.

In order for Cyprus to meet its obligations to the EU and develop an integrated and sustainable approach to waste management consistent with the European Waste Strategy and the Europe 2020 Strategy, qualitative and quantitative targets and actions have been set for the next six years.



For information on all the Green Point Recycling Centres in Paphos, see our Paphos Waste Management Directory.

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