A Crematorium Is Coming To Paphos

In a groundbreaking move, the industrial heart of Agia Varvara in Paphos District is poised to witness the commencement of construction for Cyprus's inaugural crematorium within the first half of 2024.

According to a report on Alpha News, Neophytos Christodoulides, the Director of M.W. Crematorium Cyprus Ltd, the driving force behind this private initiative, shared insights into the venture.

The Environment Department has granted approval for the crematorium, emphasizing strict terms and conditions to safeguard the environment. Planned on an expansive industrial plot, the facility is set to occupy 11,000 square meters, with an estimated project cost of €2.2 million.

The two-story crematorium building, constructed with standard reinforced concrete and brick, will feature a ground floor housing the main entrance, staff offices, a kitchen, a 70-seat funeral parlour, and more. The basement will accommodate crucial support spaces, including an incinerator and storage areas.

Christodoulides outlined the timeline, citing a 2024 start for construction, with minor delays attributed to intricate details. Explaining the process for cremation, he highlighted the need for a prior solemn declaration on a special form and subsequent approval from the Interior Ministry.

Anticipating interest, especially from foreign residents, Christodoulides revealed that the cremation preference stands at 70-80%, with plans to explore changes in the law for cases where no prior application exists. The cost of cremation in Cyprus is estimated to range between 800-900 euros.

In a bid to enhance public awareness, Christodoulides mentioned the forthcoming creation of an informative website dedicated to the cremation process.

This transformative project marks a significant milestone in Cyprus's approach to end-of-life rituals, reflecting evolving societal preferences.

[With information sourced from Alpha News]

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