Buffer zone incident sparks condemnation and calls for ‘drastic measures’

The violent incidents in the buffer zone where UN peacekeepers were attacked between the Pyla and Arsos villages, were widely condemned in Cyprus on Friday as political parties hammered against Turkey’s actions.

In total, 12 UN peacekeepers were “violently” pushed back from their positions in the buffer zone, apparently by Turkish Cypriot military and police in plain clothes.

Disy described the incident as a “completely unacceptable provocation and a clear violation of the status quo.”

The party strongly condemned Ankara’s moves, calling on the government to up its diplomatic efforts through the international community “to send a clear message to the occupying force.”

It described the attack as part of an orchestrated effort from Turkey to create “a new status quo”. The only way to avoid similar incidents is to find a solution to the Cyprus problem, the party added.

Meanwhile Edek heralded the government’s decision to move in a diplomatic fashion, saying nonetheless that it was proven “Turkey only understands actions that come with a cost.”

One such possible course of action would be taking “drastic measures” at the checkpoints to tackle the tourism to the north, and cripple its economy, Edek concluded.


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