Paphos Universal Area - May 2024 - With Commentary!

Universal is a residential area, sandwiched between Kato and Central Paphos. Comprising of apartments and complexes it provides a convenient location for anybody seeking easy access to city amenities, while remaining just outside the main tourist strip.  When we first moved to Cyprus, we rented an apartment here for a couple fo months before buying our dream home in Polemi. So during the course of the film, I comment on our experiences and observations about what to think about should you be planning a move here yourself. 

As stated in the film, if you are planning a move here, you should join a variety of Facebook Groups on the various locations around Cyprus. And ask questions! Do some group searches first, but most people will be happy to give you their opinions. A lot of them will contradict each other too, but that is understandable. One person's heaven is another person's hell.

One final point. In the film I mention barking dogs. I mention them because in my experience as a Forum admin, it is one of the top complaints I have seen. I am not basing it on my own experience at all. Both my neighbours have dogs, and they are lovely, and very well behaved. 

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