Paphos Harbour Walkway To Chloraka - Part 4

The new walkway between Paphos Harbour and Venus Beach is getting a lot of love at the moment. But the path doesn't stop there. We recently filmed the route all the way from the Castle to Dimma Beach in Chloraka. Naturally enough we filmed our journey. As the walk took over an hour we have split the film into four parts. 
In Part 4 we follow the coast path through some lovely scenery behind the King Evelthon Hotel and Acti Beach Resort.  I eventually run out of steam (well, water) so finish at Dimma Beach. I could have continued, I think, all the way to Sandy Beach, but given that I had nothing to drink and it was a long walk back to the Harbour, I decided to call it a day.
Look out for the full 360 version of this walk, which lets you move the camera around. You will get exactly the same commentary, but you will now be able to watch what you want to watch. I will be publishing that over the next few days.

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