The Ezousa Valley Loop - Part 3

The Ezousa Valley is one of Paphos' natural treasures. It isn't as easy to get to as the Xeros and Diarizos though, as there is no road running down most of its course. In this four part series, we drive around the upper reaches. Starting in Polemi, we drive up to the Kannaviou Dam, which is where the valley starts. From there we head to Pano Panagia befort looping round through Statos, Amargeti and Lemona. Finally we shall drive through Letymbou and back to Polemi.

During the film I provide an audio commentary describing the sights you can expect to see along the route. For a more detailed description you should check out our first road trip ebook, as this series follows most of the latter part of that.


In Part 3 of the series we go from Pentalia to Lemona. 

Area Map

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