From Coral Bay to Agios Georgios in 4K. Cyprus, July 2022

In this film we drive from Coral Bay to Agios Georgios Harbour, taking some popular tourist destinations in along the way. 

After Coral Bay Beach, we pass Corallia Bay, which is thought by many to support the former location if you are a sun worshipper. We then travel along the coast road to the wreck of the Edro III. After that we drive through Sea Caves. it is worth stopping here to explore the rocks. Walk past the villas and the scenery will blow you away. 

From here we drive to Cap St George, which seems to get bigger each time we see it. 

Finally we end up in the lovely harbour of Agios Georgios. This is a great place for snorkelling and you will often see turtles here.

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Route Map

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