Choletria Old And New - in 360!

Join us on a drive through a village split in two. We start in New Choletria and take a bumpy ride to it's older sibling. We finish on the Bridge Over The River Xeros, and there are absolutely no prizes for guessing where we went next. In case you are curious, the village had to be relocated because of damage after a big Earthquake in the Fifties. There is more to it than that but I won't go into that now.

To enjoy 360 films you must watch them at a high a resolution as possible. Ramp the resolution up to 5K if you can. If it looks excessively blocky it is because your resolution is set too low. 

Once you are viewing the film, you can move the camera about to look at whatever you like. On a tablet, or phone, just swipe in the way you want to go. On a computer, use the mouse or the W,A,S and D keys to point the camera. If you pause the film, you can still move the camera about.

If the image you see cannot be rotated and looks weird, it is likely that your viewer doesn't support 360 film. If that is the case, try viewing the film using the Youtube Application.

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Route Map

Area Map

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