Chloraka and Duckpond Market

In this film we start at a little beach in Chloraka, and set off to the local Papantoniou's. On the way we drive past Duckpond Market. As we filmed this on Sunday morning the market is in full swing, so you will get a glimpse of what it is like. It is a popular destination for locals and expats alike. I have never had one myself, but apparantly the bacon rolls are really good too.

To enjoy 360 films you must watch them at a high a resolution as possible. Ramp the resolution up to 5K if you can. If it looks excessively blocky it is because your resolution is set too low. 

Once you are viewing the film, you can move the camera about to look at whatever you like. On a tablet, or phone, just swipe in the way you want to go. On a computer, use the mouse or the W,A,S and D keys to point the camera. If you pause the film, you can still move the camera about.

If the image you see cannot be rotated and looks weird, it is likely that your viewer doesn't support 360 film. If that is the case, try viewing the film using the Youtube Application.

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