The Archimandrita to Nata Shortcut

As it is my birthday I thought I would indulge myself and make a long film of a scenic on and off-road drive through the countryside of Paphos. We start off at Alektora Picnic Site (technically in Limassol but I won't tell anybody if you won't) and take a hairy route to Pano Archimandrita. You should only attempt this in a 4x4, and not after heavy rain. From there we have a more sedate drive to Mamonia and Fasoula, before hitting the gravel once again to get to Choletria. This bit should also only be attempted in a 4x4. It can get very muddy owing to the amount of lorries that drive to and from the quarry you pass along the way.

From Choletria we drive through Old Choletria and across the Xeros River before finishing in Nata. We only stopped the film here because the battery ran out. I had hoped to show you the route all the way to Minthis Hills, but you will have to make do with this I am afraid. I did leave you a surprise to make up for it though...

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