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Currently CLOSED
These times are a guide only. Contact the establishment to check if you are unsure.

Due to the current situation with coronavirus and government restrictions, we are offering Takeaways, available from 12 noon till 19:00 hours with local delivery. Please telephone your order through with plenty of notice if possible.

Please have the correct money and pay on delivery.

From Greece to Cyprus

Elisaveta’s wealth of experience and passion for food, started young, as the big sister to 7 other siblings, growing up in a small, self sufficient village in Greece. With a plethora of wild, natural ingredients on her doorstep, indiginous to her motherland, Elisaveta formed an early flair for cooking and flavours which is seen in her dishes today.

Renowned for her delicious classic Greek dishes, Elisaveta pours her love into her food, which can be tasted in each and every dish and with the venture of her new restaurant in Peiya, her aim is to spread this love to you all.

Classic dishes of Greece and Cyprus will be served, freshly prepared, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with a few favourites, such as a beautifully adapted English Roast and specials of the day.

We welcome you all to come and try a taste of true Greek hospitality at Elisaveta Restaurant!

Our new menu, for delivery or take away. Lower than restaurant prices, trying to help our customers through this difficult time

Starters and dips :
Grilled halloumi 5.00€
Grilled Village sausage 4.00€
Fava,tzatziki,tahini,taramosalata, 2.50€

Greek salad 6.00€
Tuna salad 8.50€
Chicken caesar 8.50€

Local dishes:
Mousaka 10.50€
Meatballs with fresh tomato sauce 10.50€
Lamb shank 13€
Greek kleftiko 13€

Special dishes:
Chicken piccata 11.50€
Chicken garlic mushrooms 11.50€
Chicken stuffed parmesan 11.50€
Kefalonian beef pie 12€

Briam 8.00€
Imam baildi (stuffed aubergine) 8.00€
Butterbeans 8.00€
Yemista (stuffed paper and tomato) 9.00€

Pasta napolitan 8.50€
Bolonaise 9.00€
Sea food spaghetti 14.00€

Cod plaki 11.50€
Prawn saganaki 11.50€
Grilled octopus 13.50€
Grilled Sea bream-swordfish 13.00€
Grilled salmom steak 15.00€

From the grill:
Pork chop 11.00€
Chicken fillet 9.00€
Pork belly strips 11.00€
Lamb chops 13.00€
Mixed grill 14.00€
Chicken - Pork kebab 9.50€
Stuffed Burger with feta cheese 12€

All of our dishes are served with: chips, Rice, kous kous, roast potato.
For any query call on the Phone 99799250


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