From Last Castle to Pano Arodes

Published 14th of September, 2021

The Last Castle Tavern is a very popular Eatery nestled on the outskirts of The Akamas, just above Avakas Gorge. If you like Off-Roading there is a nice route that takes you above the gorge and through the valleys up to the village of Pano Arodes.

No Room At The Inn


At the start of this blog you find me limping away from Last Castle. I had driven across the Akamas from Ineia to Lara Bay, and from there up to here. Unfortunately I did this on monday, and Last Castle doesn't open then. So I reversed back down the hill until I could turn round.

The Road To Avakas Gorge


I turned left at the cars, and headed down the narrow track to Avakas Gorge. That wasn't my destination though.

Gorge Junction


If you want the gorge turn left here. I turned right.

Dried Up River


In the winter time, there is a river flowing through here, believe it or not. Indeed, the gorge itself is often closed to visitors during wet spells. A narrow gorge is not a good place to be in when heavy rain hits.

Keep Left


Once you have crossed the dried-up river, keep left. There is a track to your right but it isn't suitable for cars. If you walk up it you will come to an old church. Before that though, is possibly one of the weirdest places in Cyprus, if indeed it actually exists. Yes, according to Google Maps, there is a Human Zoo up there. It has been reviewed several times on Google. Here is just one:

We were instructed to arrive at 1 am by a local in Peyia. He told us to knock at the main door. From the outside, at night it looks unsuspecting, closed and abandoned and haunting.

Once we knock on the front door, an man greets us; asking us to pay 15€ each for the experience. It was the best 15€ I have spent in Cyprus. Inside a world of horrors awaited me and my friends. It was horrible, it was eerie. It nearly made us vomit.

The staff was all dressed up, adding to the experience atmosphere. A guide (a hired professional actor) took us around the exhibition spaces in the middle of the night, as if you were in a horror movie.

The main attraction "the specimens" were just horrifying. These high-quality mechanical Madame Tussauds grade figures moved! They made you question whether or not they were real. The sacrificial exhibit left us all petrified. We were not allowed to take photos of these exhibits.

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