The Fruity Fields Of Theletra

Published 27th of March, 2022

In the second part of our look at the scenery below the abandoned village of Theletra, we explore numerous orchards before going on a gorge hunt.

Back To Theletra


If you cast your mind back a couple of weeks, we wrote about the area below the abandoned village of Theletra. We went looking for a remote church, and found a magnificent - if somewhat petite - waterfall. On the way, we passed a side-road which we resolved to explore another day.

Another Day...


True to our word, we returned, on another day. Getting down the side road proved a bit tricky. We had to progress further down the main road before we found a place we could turn, then come at it from below. Once we were on the side road I parked the car in a layby. I figured it would be easier exploring the area on foot for now.

Lemon Entry


One of the first things you will notice if you take this track, is a half-forgotten lemon tree, complete with ripened fruit. We took a few for later use and confirm they are very nice.

Fruity Friend


Just past the lemon tree was an abandoned and overgrown orange tree. Well, technically, they were mandarins, but from a distance it looks like an orange tree, so we will go with that. In this article, any time we mention orange we mean any non-yellow citrus fruit.

Anyway, I plucked an orange, and peeled it, which was when it revealed its true mandarin nature. I tried a segment, and boy it nearly blew my head off. Talk about sour. This is actually fairly common among a lot of the wilder fruit trees in Cyprus. Apparently you can make nice jam with them, which goes to show you can do anything if you add enough sugar I guess.

Recent Grooming


You could be forgiven for thinking that the whole area was abandoned, like most of the village above. But as you can see here, somebody has been keeping at least part of the area trim.

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