Avakas Ruin

Published 14th of November, 2020

A couple of years ago we blogged about a trip to the Akamas, behind Avakas Gorge. At the time I spotted a ruin as we were leaving. We were in the area again, so I thought I would check it out, and say hello to the pigs...

Familiar View


We start at one of our favourite locations. We are looking out across the Akamas towards Agios Georgios. You can just see the island in the distance. To the right of this shot, you will find the back of Avakas Gorge. In the valley in front of us, you will find an old olive tree, which was the subject of our first ever blog!

Follow The Road


The roads in The Akamas have steadily getting better over the last couple of years. Perhaps they are gearing up for the proposed National Park? You need to keep your eyes open though, because there are occasional potholes waiting to trap unwary drivers.

Rocky Ridge


We are on the other side of the valley now. I've explored the rocks up there before, so I ignored them this time and kept my eyes on the prize...

That Way


The views here are as spectacular as ever.

To The Ruin


If you've driven this road, this is right after the small pig farm. We will pop in to say hello there in a bit. First though, we need to take the goat track that leads from the road here. There is a rocky outcrop to the left of the road and the ruin was beyond that.

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