Asprokremmos Dam Is Looking Good

Published 6th of June, 2020

I popped down to Koloni Green Point this morning, as I had a mountain of hedge clippings to dispose of. As I was in the area I thought I would take a quick drive up to the dam to see how it was faring...

Nearly Full Still!


Ok, so I stopped off at Pita Palace to get a nice Greek Cheese Pie breakfast, but I can think of worse places to eat it.

Sunny Day


The weather forecasters predicted a nice warm weekend and they weren't wrong. Unfortunately there was ever such a slight breeze so I was unable to get some nice reflection shots.

Reader Request


Once, somebody asked me to take a shot from this point. I am keeping up the tradition on the off-chance that they are still reading the blogs.



Unfortunately, there is a fair amount of rubbish blowing around the trees. You can see a few items in this shot too. Some fishermen are terrible human beings. They seem incapable of taking their rubbish home with them, or, in this case, putting it in the well maintained bins they have at the small car park. There really is no excuse, other than extremely low intelligence.

Spot The Fishermen


There are some more fishermen in the reeds down there. Hopefully they will be more responsible.

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