Aetofolies Gorge

Published 2nd of March, 2021

Some people say nothing is open in Cyprus. They are forgetting the countryside, which never closes. And with the easing of restrictions you can now go out and appreciate places like this again, provided you respect the rules. It is worth the journey as well, as you shall see...

This Must Be The Place


You get to the gorge through the village of Peristerona. As well as a nice view of the gorge, there is also an EOKA monument and a picnic spot.

Handy Notice Board


There is some useful information on the sign, which we shall relate to you in this blog.

Base Camp


This is the picnic site and the EOKA memorial. There is also a supply of water here.

From Above


We had our drone with us, and there is a film you will see later in the blog. We also took some stills.

Handy Map


All our blogs have a handy map associated with them. It is normally found in the links at the foot of the page. However, in this instance, as the site isn't signposted, I thought I would add a route guide, so you can see how to get here from the B7.

Basically, you take the Peristerona turning on the B7, by Byron's Half Way Market. Drive up a T Junction, and turn right to Peristerona. Once you reach this village, there will be a signpost on your left to Achilleas Villa. Keep on that road until you arrive at the sign. It may look like you are driving down somebody's drive, but you aren't.

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